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As educators we continue to build on our experiences--learning about new curriculum, assessments, instructional methods, and resources. This is a place for me to share what I've pulled together from the wealth of resources out there--as well as to share the resources I've created in order to run a smooth word study program in my third grade classroom. Please feel free to share the resources--games, materials, assessments that you've used in creating your word study program by adding and uploading to our pages!

Here is an article I just read about Word Study to reinforce why we teach it in a balanced literacy environment! Word Study Makes A Difference
Useful Resources

Formative & Summative Assessment

Interactive Lessons

Center Activities
Homework Packets

Beth Newingham
Word's Their Way
Real Spelling
Real Spelling Workshop
Peter Bowers
Max Brand
Words Their Way Screening Tests
High Frequency Words Tests

For each unit there is a list of 40
words. 10 for the pretest--
email/ ask if you'd like that list. If they
spell 9 or more correctly on the
pretest. Then they have the challenge
list. (See Homework)

There are also 10 new pattern words
on the final test. I do not want to
share those on the web...but am
willing to share a copy with my colleagues/ or other interested
teachers who send a personal

On the Review Words to Learn Test Template is given at the end of a series of final test (i.e. long vowels) with the words that were recorded on their "Words to Learn" list. No high frequency words are given.

Within Word Spelling Lessons
Syllable Juncture Spelling Lessons
Within Words Spelling Centers
Syllable Juncture Spelling Centers
Regular Packet
Challenge Packet